Do you know the current value of your most important resource?

No, I’m not referring to your IRA, 401(k) pension or profit-sharing plan.

Up to 90% of a business owner’s net worth is tied up in their business

Someone once said, “If you don’t monitor the value of your business, you’re operating blind.” With an asset that valuable, wouldn’t it make sense to monitor that value on a regular basis?

Sure, but the time involved and expense to have it completed can be daunting. Usual valuations cost between $4,000 to $10,000 and up to several months to complete!

Covenant Consulting Group offers a number of valuable resources to their business clients. We feel that business owners should take advantage of any and all resources available to them. One of our most popular resource is BizEquity. BizEquity will provide a real time valuation within a 2% margin of error.  You or preferably your CPA/accountant/business manager can access this secure site, type in and save your current financials.

We will send you a detailed analysis and offer suggestions, if any, on how to improve your business’ valuation.


Check out and click on the BizEquity widget at the bottom of the home page.