Why You Should Have a Business Valuation

As a business owner, 80% to 90% of your personal net worth is tied up in your business.  Money is valuable but time may be a more precious and valuable commodity. Unless you monitor the value of your biggest asset, you are actually operating blind.
You should regularly have an accurate business valuation for the following reasons:
  • To better understand your business and its’ potential
  • For future plans to sell your business
  • To understand the value of your largest asset in order to properly plan your retirement
  • During Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners
  • In order to ensure that your business and your family are properly protected
  • When considering funding opportunities
  • To plan for the future of your business with a qualified succession plan
  • If you plan to purchase another business
  • To prepare for taxable events such as gifting or grants
A formal valuation can cost $4-$5000 and take up to several months to complete. Covenant Consulting provides a number of resources available to the business community including helping you determine your business’s valuation. Since your time is your most valuable resource, we will provide a very prompt and accurate valuation of your business through BizEquity. 
Check out and click on the BizEquity widget. We suggest that you have your CPA enter the necessary data into the secured server and in 20 minutes you will have a valuation within a 2% margin of error.
Most of our business owners benefit from the analysis immediately and will come back every year to see how they are improving their most important asset!