About Us

Covenant Consulting Group was formed in 1991 by Jeffrey Frankhouser, a Master Registered Financial Consultant, Certified Estate Planner, Certified Senior Advisor and Fraternal Insurance Counselor Fellow. With more than three decades in the financial services world, Jeffrey and Covenant Consulting utilizes highly advanced planning strategies to best serve the needs of business owners in today’s demanding world.
Covenant Consulting Group is dedicated to helping you assess your business strengths and address your business challenges to a successful financial conclusion.
We provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and business strategic planning. The personalized program that we create provides a roadmap to a more secure financial future for you, your business and your family.
Our Six Step Process will utilize our extensive experience and strategic resources to help you attain your business goals and objectives.
1. Introduction Meeting: Learn All About Covenant Consulting Group
2. Exploratory Interview: We Learn Your Objectives And Goals
3. Follow Up: We Present Your Strategy Statement And Supporting Documents 
4. Priority List: We Work With You To Determine What Steps To Take Next
5. Strategy Begins: Adopt An Implementation Schedule
6. Follow Through: Covenant Consulting Group Is With You Each Step In Your Strategy