Jim  Postma

Jim Postma

CPA-Tax Specialist

James Postma has been a CPA since 1996 and during this time has had a focus on small business clients; who either operate as Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, LLC’s or Subchapter “S” Corporations. 

During this 22 year period, he has had a broad variety of experience in advising on such issues as the appropriate business organization type, employee/independent contractor questions, expensing vs. capitalizing business equipment, and generally advising clients on various techniques and strategies to minimize the impact of their income taxes.

In 2002, James established his own accounting practice to give me a better opportunity to select and work with small business clients, and focus on income taxes, which as a CPA is my area of specialty.  There have been many changes to the Internal Revenue Code over the past years, which have had a substantial impact on how a small business owner should best navigate their tax situation.  By keeping current on the latest tax code changes, court case rulings, and other tax guidance, James can offer sound advice and options to a business owner in keeping their taxes to a minimum.