Question: What is your own exit or succession plan? 
Answer: Jeffrey currently collaborates with fifteen team associates including four senior team members who are well versed in the strategies we use with our active clients. However, Jeffrey has no plans for retirement and intends to spend his later years continuing to serve our businesses.

Question: Who do I contact if something happens to you? 

Answer: Terry Register is your first team contact, after Jeffrey.  If anything happens, you will be promptly notified and your planning will continue without interruption.

Question: How come we haven’t heard of this strategy before?

Answer: Very few CPAs, insurance professionals and wealth managers are strategists. Most are either product salespeople or administrators who don’t provide forward thinking but are merely reactive professionals. 

Question: Why should I do business with Covenant Consulting Group?

Answer: We are a Christian organization involving extensive collaborations with highly effective individuals in their respective disciplines. We are leading edge, on the cutting edge but never over the edge when it comes to strategic business planning.

Question: I already have an advisor, what makes you different? 

Answer: Covenant Business Planning Solutions holds ourselves to a high fiduciary standard, always placing our client’s interests above our own. We will never recommend a course of action we wouldn’t recommend to ourselves under the same circumstances. We are ‘Wholistic’ in our approach to a client’s needs, meaning that our recommendations are tailored to your enterprise’s specific requirements.

Question: I’m 5 years from retirement, shouldn’t I wait until then?

Answer: It took a number of years to create and develop your business into what it is today. You can’t expect to walk out one afternoon, turn out the lights and retire. It takes five, seven or even ten years to fully unwind a successful operation as yours.

Question: My kids will inherit the business, how can you help me with that? 

Answer: That’s a great plan and I’m sure they appreciate that offer. How do you know that they are ready to actually handle that responsibility? If they aren’t ready, are you willing to take it back and rebuild it rather than enjoying your retirement? One of our objectives is always to be sure that the next ownership is fully equipped to take over and run your business successfully. We work with you to develop those strategies to groom the next generation.